Venue Options

There are 4 different venue options at the Vineyard Market. This site map shows where the INDOOR, OUTDOOR, DRIVE-IN and FOYER Craft Fair venues are located.


INDOOR pitches are available for Car Boot Sale, Farmers Market and Craft stalls in a fully enclosed warehouse. Each pitch is approx. 1.5m × 0.9m. and costs £7. Cars cannot drive into this warehouse at any time, but can be parked close to the warehouse entrance in the 'drop-off' area so traders can carry their goods inside and then move to the designated traders parking area. This is a popular area and is often fully booked prior to the event – early pre-booking is essential.

OUTDOOR pitches are available at a cost of £5 per car or £10 per van – trailers are an additional £5. Please bring your own table. Outdoor pitches are located on a concrete car park that connects the INDOOR and DRIVE-IN warehouses.

DRIVE-IN pitches are available for Car Boot Sale stalls in our 'DRIVE-IN' warehouse. Car pitches are 2.9m x 6.0m and cost £8. Van or car-and-trailer pitches are 2.9m x 7.5m and cost £12. Please bring your own table. The DRIVE-IN area provides shelter from the rain, and has three enclosed sides. You can drive your car / van into the warehouse onto your pitch. Limited spaces available – pre-booking is essential.

FOYER Craft Fair pitches are only available for the sale of home and hand-made crafts in the foyer of the main church building. Pitches cost £10 and include a table which measures 1.9m x 0.8m.

Sellers can set up their stalls between 7.45am and 8.45am; after 8.45am all unoccupied pitches are released to other traders. Market opens to the public from 9.00am to 1.00pm. No traders' vehicles will be allowed to leave the trading compound until after 1.00pm.


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